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Webb Industries is a division of Jasco Trading (Pty) Limited, a subsidiary of Jasco Electronics Holdings Limited. The following information refers specifically to Webb Industries only.


Webb Industries specialises in TELECOMMUNICATION ANCILLARY PRODUCTS: Antennas; Duplexers; Coax Cable; Coax Connectors; GSM Repeaters; Indoor Coverage Solutions; Kitting; High Sites; Lightning Protection Systems; Towers; Masts & Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) Model Tower Range.

A brief history

Webb Industries was established in 1973 as a mast and rigging company, and until 1976 specialised in self-supporting poles, guyed lattice and self-supporting structures. In 1983 Webb Industries was acquired by Jasco and started cooperating with Jasco International which at the time was involved the military telecoms market. In 1985 Webb Industries and Jasco International merged.

In 1994 a High Sites Division was established which offered multi-operator telecoms towers to the industry on a rental basis. This coincided with the emergence of the cellular market when Africa opened their doors to the South African Network Operators. This development required the company to move from low frequency PMR to higher frequency GSM bands. The cellular market grew exponentially. Africa became a major market and higher, heavier duty masts were required to cater for the telecoms and data traffic. Webb Industries became and remains to this day the leading and largest supplier of RF ancillary equipment in Sub Saharan Africa.

Webb Industries comprises the following divisions:


1.     Radiation Systems (Radsys)

2.     Kitting

3.     Masts & Towers

4.      Projects IBS/DAS

5.      Hi-Site Development & Management



General enquiries:   Tel: +27 11 719-0000         Fax: +27 11 444-2288

MD: ... Paul Richards...... Tel: +27 11 719-0025

Radsys: ............ Gavin Werner.....  ...... Tel: +27 11 719-0108

Kitting: ............ Mark Colling....... Tel: +27 11 719-0052

Masts & Towers: .. Craig Lockhart ... Tel: +27 82 745-9824

Hi-Sites:............ Dave Beeming ... ..... Tel: +27 11 719-0103

Projects:.............. Alan Chater....... .........   Tel: +27 11 719-0024

Financial:.......... Ken McCrindle ... ...... Tel: +27 11 719-0071


Antenna Factory

Professional Mobile Radio Antennas

Webb Industries design, manufacture and distribute a full range of Professional Mobile- and Base Station Radio Communication Antennas for motor vehicles; trains; towers; buildings; and OEM applications.


Antennas for Satellite & GSM Tracking or Monitoring

Webb Industries has a research and development facility where Webb Antennas are developed using 3-dimensional computer aided design and antenna software design technology. A broad range of multi-frequency antennas have been developed and supplied worldwide and operate in the Iridium, Orbcomm, GPS and GSM bandwidths.


Base Station Antennas

Webb Industries design and manufacture an array of Base Station Antennas: Yagi’s; Dipoles; Collinears; End Fed- and Ground Plane Antennas, to name a few.



Duplexers, Filtering Equipment & Combiners

Webb Industries design and manufacture specialized Radio Frequency management components. These products have been accepted worldwide in Trunking, PMR, and other radio access networks. Components in this range include:

  • Duplexers
  • Circulators
  • Receiver Multi-Couplers
  • Transmitter Combiners
  • Cavity Filters
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Hybrid Filters
  • Pre-Selectors
  • Dummy Loads

Retuning and other technical services are also available on request.


Imported products

Antennas and Repeaters

Comba Telecom Systems (Comba) provides infrastructure and solutions
to mobile operators to enhance and extend their wireless communications networks.

Ranked as the number one integrated wireless solutions and sub-system provider in Asia with over 25% market share in China, Comba listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 2003.

They provide a comprehensive portfolio of in-building and outdoor solutions such as repeaters, antennas, digital microwave systems, and related radio frequency passive accessories engineered to exact standards in reliability and durability in order to maximize the operational efficiency of mobile networks at low operating costs. Their products are available for all bandwidths and mobile standards including GSM and CDMA as well as 3G and next generation network systems.

Coax Cables

Webb Industries supplies a world-class range of coaxial cables:

  • low loss corrugated copper,
  • low loss foil & braid,
  • semi-rigid and standard braided; and
  • jumper cables compliant with IP68 specifications.





LMR Coax Systems

The Times Microwave Systems
 LMR® cables are high performance, flexible, low loss, 50 Ohm & 75 Ohm coaxial communication cables, designed for use in wireless systems such as cellular; PCS; paging and
two-way radios.




RF Connectors & Cable Accessories

As a result of many years of experience in connection technology, Telegärtner is now able to provide fully tested coaxial assemblies to meet ever more demanding specifications.

From the smallest internal connector through to precision connectors for laboratory test equipment to connectors for high performance transmission, Telegärtner can meet all requirements; with standard products and customer specific products.

Over twenty-five years of experience plus the technical data of more than fifteen-thousand individual parts in the computer aided design (CAD) network system enable Telegärtner to fulfil performance targets, such as low VSWR, operating loss and insertion loss values as well as the fast and flexible completion of customers’ requirements including large scale series production.


Telegärtner has developed connector ranges to meet the high operating specifications required by this demanding application, by using non-ferromagnetic materials, galvanic surfaces and through a comprehensive knowledge of cable assembly.


Developed products are designed and tested using latest CAD, measurement and test equipment. This is ensured by Telegärtner’s qualified development and production engineers working closely with the customer’s own technical department.


Power Supplies, Electronic Products and Battery packs

RCW is the first company in South Africa to get NRCS - LOA clearance to the applicable SABS IEC 60950 standard, for its power modules in the radio communications industry.

RCW feature the following product ranges: battery packs, battery chargers, heavy duty (spring) belt clips, radio mounting brackets, power leads, tone panels and fuses. Audio accessories, loudspeakers and microphones are also available. Carry cases, power supplies and DC-DC converters form part of the range. Remote controls and test equipment are also available.

Full support on all NOVA products will be provided.


Lightning Protection Solutions

PolyPhaser® Corporation believe in designing and supplying top quality lightning protection and grounding solution products to safeguard today’s sophisticated communication equipment. All products are fully tested and inspected prior to shipment. Stringent quality standards are met for each product with additional avenues for continued improvement from all company and industry stakeholders.


2 - Kitting

Webb Industries carry a broad range of site-build components. Racks, cabinets and cabinet accessories are also available. Clients place one order and Webb Industries does the rest: sourcing of components, packing, inspection and despatching.

This kitting solution saves the client substantial time and money in the procurement, stocking, packaging and despatch of all the necessary components for building a site as this is handled on the client’s behalf, thus ensuring that sites receive the correct components where and when they are needed.

Webb Industries’ engineers offer their services ensuring the best installation solutions. Components are customised to specific customer needs; labelled individually; prepared for installation… thereby reducing time spent on site to an absolute minimum. Buying in volume directly from the source reduces costs while quality of the highest standard is adhered to in accordance with Webb Industries’ quality assurance policies.

Cable Clamps & Accessories

Webb Industries manufactures and supplies a comprehensive range of cable clamps and accessories; clamping solutions suitable for all variations of RF feeder cables in the deployment of communication networks: GSM, DECT, Microwave, Trunked and Broadcast. Included in the variety of cable clamp systems is a unique EPDM rubber “Friction Fit” Cumfy Clamp® suitable for fibre installations; waveguides and quick deployment of corrugated copper feeder cable.


3 - Masts & Towers

Webb Industries’ Masts & Towers has focused on becoming a leading service provider which services the South African and SADC regions. Services offered include:

·Design & manufacture Lattice Towers (self-supporting, guyed, angle or tubular).

·Design & manufacture of Rapid Deployment Solutions (15m to 36m). The latest design software is used in accordance with the American / Canadian / British / European and South African Standards. The software also allows for structural analysis and design changes.

·Foundation Designs and Civil Works.

·Tower Strengthening and Upgrades.

·Tower Inspections and Reports.

·Supplying a wide range of products made to the highest standards, including:

  • Tapered Tubular/Angle Lattice Towers,
  • Parallel Tubular/Angle Lattice Towers,
  • Guyed Lattice Towers,
  • Rooftop Solutions (penetrating and non-penetrating) and
  • Rapid Deployment Structures.
  • Custom designed towers.

Our manufacturing facilities cater for the full manufacture of our products. This allows us to maintain good quality control.



The SMC Hilomast range of pneumatic masts can be extended up to 30 metres by using low pressure air which is supplied either from a compressor or, in the case of smaller masts, from a foot pump. Hilomasts are designed and robustly constructed from heat treated aluminium alloy to withstand the demands placed upon the masts under field conditions, extreme climatic variation or environmental changes.




4 - Project Division

Webb Industries Project Division specialises in providing full turnkey solutions for In Building Solutions (IBS) and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). We have widespread experience and expertise in implementing these systems for all the Network Operators throughout Southern Africa. Solutions are provided for Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Corporate Offices, Factories, Campuses and Entertainment Areas.

Webb Industries Project Division also offers Site Acquisition Services to secure Landlord approvals and Leasing agreements on behalf of the Network Operators. Workflow includes Technical Site Survey, Design, Documented Proposal & Quotation, Implementation, BTS room reticulation, PIP control, Walk Tests, As Built Documentation, Site Handovers and Maintenance.

Webb Industries Project Division runs a fully in-house trained Subcontractor Group throughout South Africa that adheres to our technical standards, H&S, Safety certification requirements and implementation methodology.

The Division also manages passive antenna, pico repeaters, micro repeaters, medium and high power repeater installations and services. Both Indoor and Outdoor off-air designs and implementations are part of the comprehensive services on offer.

The iBwave ™ design suit of software modules is used exclusively in all our IBS/DAS/Node repeaters & High Power repeater system designs. We have a comprehensive range of test equipment, surveying tools and the necessary expertise to back-up our designs and implementations, ensuring our customers of a trouble free solution. 

Webb Industries Project Division is well equipped to train both our Subcontractors as well as our Customers in all the aspects of the services we offer


5 - Hi-Sites

Webb Industries has developed and manages a network of Hi-Sites which provide a comprehensive range of radio site management and technical services for the widest possible range of clients in the radio communications industry. Systems installed range from 2-way radio systems, broadband internet access and wireless networks, GSM, Microwave, to Regulatory Monitoring Systems.

Hi-Sites have been developed to meet the growing demand for radio based communication networks, and are continually being expanded to meet client specific demands and organic growth within the organization. The prime topographical locations of the Webb Hi-sites offer excellent coverage and line-of–site opportunities for the client’s network planning and coverage requirements.

Site sharing / Site Leasing project management services, which includes site development, site management/leasing, and site maintenance services form the core of the value add offering from Webb Industries Hi-Sites.

Webb Industries Hi-Sites are designed and constructed to exacting standards, customers have access to security fenced, access controlled and air-conditioned equipment rooms, AC power supply with back-up power, Lightning Protection, and depending on requirements, the utilization of installed antennas and coaxial feeder cables.


Hi-sites services include:

  • Feasibility Studies, Property Owner and Planning Consents.
  • Site Development – new site builds and site upgrades
  • Site Management and Leasing – site sharing project management, including site leasing of facilities.
  • Site Audits, Maintenance Reporting and Maintenance Scheduling. 
  • Site Maintenance Work



Legal Matters

The following documents could
be made available on request:

  • Terms and conditions of sale.
  • Limited warranty.



Quality Assurance

Webb Industries is certified
ISO 9001:2008.


Employment Equity Status

Webb Industries is one of the operating divisions of a wholly owned subsidiary of Jasco Electronics Holdings Limited (Jasco).

Jasco was formed in 1976 and was listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) in 1987. Jasco is a supplier of products, solutions and services of an electrical or electronic nature to the Telecommunications; Domestic Products; Security and Electrical Sectors. In 2003 Jasco concluded an empowerment transaction with Community Investment Holdings (Pty) Ltd (CIH) (a black empowerment group) lead by Dr Anna Mokgokong and Mr Joe Madungandaba. As a result of that transaction Jasco became a 35% controlled BEE company. Jasco is currently a black owned entity.

Apart from Jasco’s employment equity status, the group supports government policies. We have goals and strategies in place to heighten our focus on the empowerment plans issued by the Department of Trade and Industry.


Name                                    Designation

Dr ATM (Anna) Mokgokong BSC         Chairperson (non-executive)

Joe Madungandaba CPA(SA) MDP     Deputy Chairperson (non-executive)

Mr AMF (Pete) da Silva                        Chief Executive Officer

Mr WA (Warren) Prinsloo CA(SA)      Group Chief Financial Officer

Mr JC (John) Farrant CA(SA)                Director (non-executive)

Chevalier JA (John) Sherry                   Director (non-executive)

Mr Dewald Dempers                           Director (non-executive)

Mr Shaheen Bawa                              Director (non-executive)

Mr Haroon Moolla                             Director (non-executive)

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