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Webb Industries was established in 1973 as a mast and rigging company, and until 1976 specialised in self-supporting poles, guyed lattice and self-supporting structures.

In 1983 Webb Industries was acquired by Jasco and started cooperating with Jasco International which at the time was involved the military telecoms market.

In 1985 Webb Industries and Jasco International merged. More about Jasco's history here.

In 1994 a High Sites Division was established which offered multi-operator telecoms towers to the industry on a rental basis. This coincided with the emergence of the cellular market when Africa opened their doors to the South African Network Operators. This development required the company to move from low-frequency PMR to higher frequency GSM bands. The cellular market grew exponentially. Africa became a major market and higher, heavier duty masts were required to cater for the telecoms and data traffic.

Cape Town-based Radio Comms Warehouse (RCW) was established in 1995 and quickly became Africa's leading supplier of Radio Communication Accessories.




Webb’s Telegärtner VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is the perfect solution

VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA IP67 for extending, rerouting or repairing cables up to CAT7A

Train Antennas

Introduction to WEBB's TRD Antennas used in the transport industry

Webb and Telegärtner connection strengthens

Telegärtner MD, Hartmut Gärtner shows the revolutionary 4.3-10 connector series.