ZARA® mobile antennas manufactured by WEBB are designed to provide reliable and efficient communication for mobile applications. Here are some descriptions of ZARA® mobile antennas:

  1. ZARA® 60 Mobile Antenna: Tune this flexible antenna to cover frequencies between 54 MHz and 174 MHz. It offers high return loss and unity gain, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. ZARA® 130 Mobile Antenna: This 5/8 antenna is designed for flexibility and has a tunable frequency range of 138 MHz to 174 MHz. It also provides high return loss for improved signal quality.
  3. ZARA MOBILE ANTENNAS: ZARA130: Mount these mobile antennas outside the vehicle body. Mount the whips upright regardless of the mounting angle of the base.
  4. ZARA MOBILE ANTENNAS: ZARA450MC: This antenna, known as MOULDED COIL 440-470 MHz 4dB, is designed for mounting from the outside of the vehicle body. It operates in the 440-470 MHz frequency range and offers 4dB gain.

These ZARA® mobile antennas by WEBB are engineered to meet the communication needs of various mobile applications, providing reliable performance and flexibility.