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WEBB supplies industry approved turnkey data network systems. FUTURE-PROOF YOUR NETWORK® with the best fibre optic and copper networking components.


Infrastructure easy-to-use system promises to give you power with transmissions of up to 100 GBit with Fibre Optics and 10 GBit with Copper.

Durable components are available, for use in data and telephone communications throughout any building or space that can be imagined. Housings from IP20 to IP68 are available for tailor-made applications.

Data Infrastructure Data Centre

For high-speed networking, a complete or partial Fibre Optic (FO) network can be delivered pre-assembled to enhance your home, office or industrial environment, with a wide selection of components, we cater for all types of environments, From Data-centre Cabling, using our Latest HD3 System, (MPO) to Industrial applications, using DIN-Rail mounted Splicing enclosures in harsh ambient conditions.

Data Infrastructure Copper

High-performance passive components for transmission by copper cable.
Connect your home- or office environment, as well as your production areas or machines with a practical host of copper cables and connectors designed to carry data networking traffic. These systems are manufactured from highly reliable RJ45 wiring systems offering you everything you require to run a modern-day high-speed network, especially in an industrial production environment.

Industrial Connectors

The Data Infrastructure range is enhanced by-products for factories, machines and plant wiring: The Telegärtner industrial connectors of variant 1, variant 4, variant 5, variant 6 and variant 14 offer standard conformant solutions which can be flexibly combined – without annoying adaptations. Freely selectable inserts can easily be inserted into all IP67 housings. The STX M12x1 IP67 connector series offers consistent cabling of industrial communication networks per IEC 61918.

There is nothing easier and at the same time more reliable for modern, gigabit fast hall, machine and plant networks.

Some of our Data Infrastructure products

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