1350 — 1550 MHz

The 1350—1550 MHz frequency band, which falls within the L-band range, is a radio frequency spectrum segment utilised for various wireless communication and navigation purposes, including satellite applications. Below are several critical applications and purposes for using the frequency band ranging from 1400 to 1550 MHz, pivotal for satellite communication and communications satellites.

Satellite Communications:

Satellite communications companies commonly utilise the frequency range mentioned for various services. Types of satellite devices covered include satellite phones, particularly for a satellite phone South Africa, as well as satellite radio, and sattelite television services, all of which rely on the sophisticated satellite technology and the use of a satellite dish.


The Global Positioning System (GPS), a cornerstone of satellite navigation and satellite systems, operates within this frequency range for satellite navigation and positioning, making it crucial for location-based services and navigation applications.

Military Applications:

The 1400—1550 MHz band is also used for military communications and navigation systems, including robust satellite communications and positioning, integral to modern satellite systems.


Within this frequency range, it is used for aviation communication and navigation systems, including distance measuring equipment (DME) and transponder-based automatic dependent surveillance (ADS), essential components of transponders.

Mobile Communications:

Some mobile communication services operate within this frequency range, particularly satellite-based mobile services.

Overall, the 1350—1550 MHz frequency band is essential for a wide range of wireless communication, navigation, and satellite-based services, playing a significant role in modern telecommunications and positioning systems. Its applications include satellite internet and mobile-satellite service, integral to global connectivity.