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WEBB provides turnkey solutions for in-building RF distribution requirements (IBS) and distributed antenna systems (DAS). With our overall experience and expertise in implementing In-Building Solutions (IBS) for Mobile Network Operators throughout Southern Africa. Solutions provided for shopping malls, hospitals, corporate offices, factories, campuses, apartments and entertainment areas.

Site Acquisition

WEBB offers site acquisition services to secure landlord approvals and leasing agreements on behalf of Mobile Network Operators. The workflow includes technical site survey (TSS), system design, documented proposals, quotations, implementation, base transceiver station (BTS) room reticulation, personal injury protection (PIP) control, walk tests, as-built documentation, site handovers and maintenance.


WEBB has trained subcontractor groups throughout South Africa that are fully certified by our Project Division. Our subcontractors adhere to WEBB’s technical standards, health and safety (H&S) certification requirements and implementation methodology.


WEBB designs both active and passive solutions. Active pico repeaters, macro repeaters, medium and high power repeaters are supported.

Off-air solutions using Indoor and Outdoor designs cover large Factory areas, large Farm areas, Open Pit/Cast Mining operations.

We are ready for Neutral Hosted Systems (NHS). These are IBS solutions not owned by MNO and are owned or leased by the Building Owners, allowing the building owner to offer multiple MNO’s connections to NHS.

In-Building Wireless Design and Project Planning​

IBS designs planning and deployment use the iBwave™ design suite of software. WEBB has a comprehensive range of test equipment, surveying tools and the necessary expertise to back up designs and implementations, ensuring customers of a trouble-free solution. Large projects are fully tracked using specialised Project Management Tools, so all aspects of the project are quickly reported.

Training and Certification

WEBB is well equipped to train and certify subcontractors as well as customers in all aspects of the services on offer.

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