Modular fibre optic panel for
Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) cabling

Latest from Webb Industries is the
Fibre-Termination-Box (FTB) –

Attention: owners and tenants of apartments This Fibre-Termination-Box is a modular fibre optic patch panel system which facilitates customised cabling in locations where large numbers of apartments or buildings have fibre optic outlets installed. Each apartment or building unit is connected to its own module. This allows extensions and modifications to...

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Rapid Deployment Towers

Webb’s innovative Rapid-Deployment-Solution (RDS)
saves time and money

Jasco’s Webb Industries has developed an enviable reputation for innovation in the telecommunications industry and its Rapid-Deployment-Solution is an excellent example of this.   The Rapid Deployment Solution is a typically single-user site solution which does not require concrete or any excavation and has a very low environmental impact. “The ...

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Data- and Telecommunications Outdoor IP68 Connectors

A new dimension in outdoor cabling components from Webb

Introduction   Jasco’s Webb Industries has developed a reputation for innovative telecommunication solutions across a wide variety of applications and their Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors (TOC) range of cable connectors from Telegartner are an excellent example of this.    The TOC range is used in many applications including data- and tel...

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High-speed M12 connectors for transportation

Telegärtner’s range of connectors for railway and vehicle applications has been expanded with the introduction of a new product series.

An add-on to the previous M12 connector series, the new series contains M12x1 X-coded connectors as plug and socket versions which are suitable for connecting to cables with both solid and stranded conductors, as well as offering 360° shielding. This shielding ensures safe and reliable data transmission.     The range is completed with factory-made ca...

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Rail-mount Fibre Optic Distributor

Webb Introduces Rail-mount Fibre Optic Distributor for Network Expansion On Demand

Introducing Telegärtner’s modular rail-mount fibre optic distributor. The all-new STX distributor can be extended according to actual needs. The stackable modules allow quick and easy additions and changes at any time. A vast portfolio of modules with different adaptors offers the flexibility that is needed in today’s industrial networks. In spite of their comp...

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Patch Panel Modules

New Telegärtner modular patch panel from Webb: the ultimate solution for under-pressure telecoms facilities

Patch Panel Modules   New Telegärtner modular patch panel from Webb: the ultimate solution for under-pressure telecoms facilities    [Johannesburg, 22 January 2019]:   The exponential growth in data and telecoms services has created significant space pressure in data centres and telecommunication rooms of telecom companies. Space is ex...

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High Data Rates with M12 Connector Series

Solutions for consistent cabling of industrial communication networks

17 August 2018 High Data Rates with Webb’s M12 Connector Series from Telegärtner     Introduction With the Telegärtner STX M12 IP67 connector series, Jasco’s Webb Industries offers solutions to the industry’s demand for consistent cabling of industrial communication networks in accordance with IEC 61918 which pr...

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Webb and Telegärtner connection strengthens

Telegärtner MD, Hartmut Gärtner shows the revolutionary 4.3-10 connector series.

January 2018   Webb and Telegärtner connection strengthens   In spite of tough economic conditions globally, Germany’s international telecommunications and data solutions provider Telegärtner’s business with leading local telecommunications ancillary product specialists, Webb Industries, continues to grow from strength to strength. ...

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Train Antennas

Introduction to WEBB's TRD Antennas used in the transport industry

November 2017   Webb Industries’ TRD Antennas Webb Industries’ range of low profile, rugged TRD Antennas are designed for use on locomotives, buses or trucks. The range demonstrates Webb’s unique success in housing VHF (or UHF), WiFi, GSM and GPS in one antenna.  The TRD antennas can maintain the shape and footprint of older antennas ...

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Webb’s Telegärtner VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is the perfect solution

VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA IP67 for extending, rerouting or repairing cables up to CAT7A

October 2017   Webb’s Telegärtner VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is the perfect solution   Network cables can get damaged and often need to be extended. The problem is that commonly damaged cables have to be replaced or repaired temporarily, only to be permanently fixed at a scheduled, convenient time to ensure conformance to specification. But Te...

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