Webb’s Telegärtner VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is the perfect solution

VM-Pro 8-8 Class FA IP67 for extending, rerouting or repairing cables up to CAT7A

October 2017


Webb’s Telegärtner VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is the perfect solution


Network cables can get damaged and often need to be extended. The problem is that commonly damaged cables have to be replaced or repaired temporarily, only to be permanently fixed at a scheduled, convenient time to ensure conformance to specification. But Telegärtner’s VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is the perfect solution as it enables immediate conformance, saving time and money.  


The VM-Pro 8-8 is simple to install, requires no special tools and offers transmission properties up to Class FA according to the ISO/IEC 11801 standard. It is suitable for both shielded and unshielded cables with solid or stranded conductors ranging from AWG27 to AWG22 in size and it also accommodates cables with outer diameters of 5.5 mm up to 9.0 mm. Due to its compact shape, the VM-Pro 8-8 connection module is perfect for use in confined spaces.


Moreover, the VM-Pro 8-8 provides IP67 protection through the use of compression glands, which aid with mechanical stability and enable reliable strain relief. The VM-Pro 8-8 is rated Category 7A (1GHz) and its small size, robust design, and IP67 rating means the repair can be a permanent one rather than a temporary fix, thereby saving on total installation cost.


Other products in the range include the VM 8-8 Cat.7A single, PCB mounted module that can be wall mounted, or, if required, on a DIN rail by using a rail adaptor as well as the Multi 12x VM 8-8 Cat.7A 19 inch rack-mountable, which accommodates up to 12 cables, and the Multi 6x VM 8-8 Cat.7A wall-mountable modules for up to 6 cables.


Telegärtner is distributed in South Africa by Jasco’s Webb Industries.

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