Modular fibre optic panel for
Fibre-To-The-Home (FTTH) cabling

Latest from Webb Industries is the
Fibre-Termination-Box (FTB) –

Attention: owners and tenants of apartments

This Fibre-Termination-Box is a modular fibre optic patch panel system which facilitates customised cabling in locations where large numbers of apartments or buildings have fibre optic outlets installed.

Each apartment or building unit is connected to its own module. This allows extensions and modifications to be carried out to the up-and-running network without disturbing the links already in operation.

There are diverse applications where customised construction and extension of the fibre optic network have a clear economic benefit over wide-area cabling for the user.


Thanks to Telegärtner’s Fibre-Termination-Box, now available from Webb Industries, owners and tenants of apartments are no longer required to invest in fibre optic cabling until they are really sure they want Fibre-To-The-Home.

The Fibre-Termination-Box is not limited to Fibre-To-The-Home applications. It can also benefit users and investors when cabling a company site, university campus, hotel complex or holiday resort that comprises many smaller buildings scattered over a large area.


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