Webb and Telegärtner connection strengthens

Telegärtner MD, Hartmut Gärtner shows the revolutionary 4.3-10 connector series.

January 2018


Webb and Telegärtner connection strengthens


In spite of tough economic conditions globally, Germany’s international telecommunications and data solutions provider Telegärtner’s business with leading local telecommunications ancillary product specialists, Webb Industries, continues to grow from strength to strength.


Cornelius Bredenhann, Webb key accounts manager, says that business with Telegärtner has grown substantially over the past three years, which is excellent in these trading conditions. He says there are many reasons for this including the excellent relationship over the years between Webb and Telegärtner, their growing popularity in the local market and, importantly, the superior quality of Telegärtner products.


“At Telegärtner, there are no compromises in terms of quality: although DIN EN ISO certified, standards and guidelines represent only a basic metric which Telegärtner is dedicated to surpassing. This is reflected in quality-conscious procurement and quality-oriented production processes ending up with the highest quality products that meet all quality standards worldwide,” Bredenhann says.

It is no surprise then that last year Telegartner was a recipient of the Quality Excellence Award from the CAQ AG, which for more than 30 years has been dedicated to the development and production of powerful software solutions for modern quality and environmental management.

The Quality Excellence Award is awarded to a select group of companies who fully recognize the importance of quality and who show exceptional focus and dedication to quality management and quality assurance. The CAQ awards committee said: “Telegärtner has consistently provided invaluable feedback and support regarding the purposeful application of computer aided quality assurance solutions in their individual field of business. They also command an exemplary CAQ-system and integrate the relevance of CAQ and QM within their companywide communications."

On the issue of the Webb/Telegärtner relationship, a Telegärtner spokesmen says that Webb’s exceptional performance has not only been good for business in South Africa, but it has also laid the foundation for expansion into the rest of Africa especially the sub-Saharan region. “Although many other African countries are showing good growth, many global companies understand the necessity of having a strong presence in South Africa as a prerequisite to conducting successful business on the continent,” he said.


Telegärtner’s range of products is vast and includes coaxial connectors, network components, high-precision turned parts, plastic injection mouldings, industrial electronics and cable assembly. In  South Africa Webb has had special success with, among other products, the Telegärtner 4.3- 10 connector system, which is designed to meet the rising performance needs of mobile network equipment and with Telegärtner’s new AMJ-S Module which meets the stringent Cat 6A requirements for 10 Gigabit Ethernet.  It requires no special tools and with its slim design in Keystone format ensures it will fit easily into the most cramped spaces.

Bredehann says that despite the emphasis on quality products, Webb and Telegärtner strive for more. “Ultimately our aim is to supply our customers with bespoke solutions that will help them to create a hassle-free working environment,” he concludes.


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