Rail-mount Fibre Optic Distributor

Webb Introduces Rail-mount Fibre Optic Distributor for Network Expansion On Demand

Introducing Telegärtner’s modular rail-mount fibre optic distributor. The all-new STX distributor can be extended according to actual needs. The stackable modules allow quick and easy additions and changes at any time. A vast portfolio of modules with different adaptors offers the flexibility that is needed in today’s industrial networks. In spite of their compact size, the modules offer more than enough space for fibre slack.


Huge Variety of Connecting Hardware

The STX rail-mount distributor offers a vast portfolio of different modules that accept twelve fibres and ST, SC and LC adaptors as well as a high-density LC module with 24 fibres. All modules are available for OM1 to OM4 multimode and OS2 single-mode fibres. 
Customers can select from a huge variety of modules for pre-terminated breakout and mini-breakout cables. This includes modules with an integrated hinged splice cassette and pigtails stripped ready-to-splice and modules for pre-terminated fibre optic cables – each of them proving the Telegärtner STX distributor’s superior expertise.

The adaptors are mounted at a 45-degree angle so users can conveniently plug patch cords in and out using a minimum of valuable space. Horizontal cables can enter the modules from four different directions. This gives the installer the opportunity to decide on-site about the best cable routing. “This offers users and installers the maximum flexibility”, says Webb’s Stephen Hands.


Space Miracle with Small Dimensions

With dimensions of just 35 x 215 x 155 mm (two-module width), the compact modules make the most of available space, enabling users and installers at the same time to conveniently patch and store any fibre slack. The modules can be mounted on TH35 rails as specified in DIN 60715 and on flat surfaces/walls.

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