Data- and Telecommunications Outdoor IP68 Connectors

A new dimension in outdoor cabling components from Webb



Jasco’s Webb Industries has developed a reputation for innovative telecommunication solutions across a wide variety of applications and their Telecommunications Outdoor Connectors (TOC) range of cable connectors from Telegartner are an excellent example of this. 


The TOC range is used in many applications including data- and telecommunications in mobile radio, process-, utility- and traffic automation and a host of security applications. Demonstrating its flexibility, the TOC series can also be installed even in harsh conditions within a temperature range from -40° C to 85° C* due to its excellent material properties. 


Easy to Use


Telecommunications Outside Connectors Assembly Steps

To lock and seal the connection, only a few turning movements are necessary and no further procedures are required. This enables fast, error-free, easy installation in addition to the TOC’s high transmission reliability, resilience and increased flexibility in the network design


The TOC Series RJ45 – no special tools required


Data Outdoor Connectors CAT 6A RJ45

The TOC series RJ45 Cat.6A, which comes with the field-assembly RJ45 plug MFP8 Cat.6A and RJ45 keystone AMJ-S Module Cat.6A, is available as a set. They can be attached to solid and stranded cables with an outer diameter 9.5 mm max. on-site without the need for special tools. For line extensions, the TOC Coupler IP68 is the best solution. 


TOC Series LC Duplex / MPO/MTP® - flexible and easy


Outdoor Fibre Optic Connectors

The TOC Series with LC Duplex resp. MPO/MTP® is also well-known for its flexibility and ease of installation. Installers can work with pre-terminated cables feed into TOC plug and by means of the elongated release latch, the plugs can be mated & unmated into SFP transceivers or adaptors effortlessly even in confined installation environments. In addition, the several installation positions of SFP transceivers are no longer a problem. For line extensions, the TOC Coupler IP68 is the best option and it can be easily integrated with no effects on the performance of the connection.


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