Rapid Deployment Towers

Webb’s innovative Rapid Deployment Solution saves time and money

Jasco’s Webb Industries has developed an enviable reputation for innovation in the telecommunications industry and its Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) is an excellent example of this.
The RDS is a typically single-user site solution which does not require concrete or any excavation and has a very low environmental impact.
“The main advantage of the RDS is the speed with which it can be installed. It takes only 1-4 days to erect depending on the size,”
says Webb Masts and Towers GM Dave Beeming.
He adds that the RDS, designed by Webb’s in-house engineers, can be reused, relocated and erected on almost any site, both urban and rural.
“While there are competitive products, ours is unique in terms of its flexibility, user-friendliness, and cost-effectiveness,” says Beeming. 
The applications for the RDS are wide and varied.
“They are used wherever speed is the main requirement and users include GSM operators, the South African Police Services and event organisers for concerts, sports tournaments, political rallies and the like.”
He adds that for GSM operators the RDS serves a vital role in giving them time while they wait for a more permanent solution.
“A permanent site solution can take months while the bureaucratic administration is completed.  This delay can be very costly for the operators. Webb’s RDS, not requiring the same complex licencing procedure, acts as a vital stopgap in a period that the operator would otherwise not be making any revenue,” he says. “Furthermore, it gives an operator a marketing edge in specific locations because of its ability to be fully operational even while waiting for the permanent solution.”
Some of the more important advantages of Webb’s RDS are:
  • Helps to overcome site acquisition constraints 
  • Saves on rigging and installation costs due to the short time spent on site
  • Speed and ease of erection (i.e. no need for cranes)
  • Suitable for both urban and rural sites
  • Easy handling, very flexible and can be reused or relocated
  • Above ground foundation, low soil-bearing capacity
  • Compact site footprint, up to a maximum of 6m X 6m
Webb Masts and Towers supplies a wide range of products made to the highest standards. These include Tapered and Parallel Tubular/Angle Lattice Towers, Guyed Lattice Towers, roof-top solutions (penetrating and non-penetrating) and, of course, Rapid Deployment Structures.
“We also specialise in custom design towers and solutions,” concludes Beeming.

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