Signal Booster

In-Building Solution / Distributed Antenna System (IBS/DAS)

Solutions provided for shopping malls, hospitals, corporate offices, factories, campuses, apartments and entertainment areas.

Radio frequency repeaters play a crucial role in In-Building Solutions (IBS) Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS). They aim to enhance wireless signal coverage and quality within buildings or enclosed spaces where external signal strength is weak. Cellular repeating devices capture incoming signals from outside, amplify them to boost their strength, and then retransmit the amplified signals inside the building to improve coverage. GSM Repeaters extend the wireless networks’ reach by overcoming signal loss caused by obstacles like walls and construction materials. This ensures strong and reliable signal reception for users within the building. By amplifying and retransmitting signals, Repeaters optimise the performance of IBS DAS systems, offering seamless connectivity and better communication for both occupants and visitors.