1350—1550 MHz 16 dBi GSM L-Band Yagi Antenna

Shrouded Yagi Antenna

1350—1550 MHz 16 dBi GSM L-Band Yagi Antenna

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The fully shrouded high gain link antenna operates at 1350—1550 MHz with 16 dBi in GSM L-Band. All elements are shrouded to protect against weather. The antenna has a high front-to-back ratio and all metal parts are DC grounded. It has N female connectivity.

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Introducing the Y1500-16 Yagi Antenna: A High-Gain Link Antenna

16 dBi 1350—1550 MHz

The Y1500-16 Yagi antenna is a powerful and versatile shrouded high-gain link antenna designed to deliver exceptional performance in various communication applications. This article provides an overview of the key features and characteristics of the Y1500-16 Yagi antenna, highlighting its design, functionality, and applications.

Shrouded Design for Weatherproof Protection

One of the distinctive features of the Y1500-16 Yagi antenna is its shrouded design, which provides adequate weatherproof protection for the driven element. This design element enhances the antenna’s durability and resilience, making it suitable for outdoor installations in diverse environmental conditions. Whether exposed to rain, wind, or other elements, the fully shrouded elements ensure the antenna remains completely protected, maintaining its performance over time.

High Front-to-Back Ratio

The Y1500-16 Yagi antenna is engineered to deliver a high front-to-back ratio, enabling it to reject signals from unwanted directions effectively. This characteristic is particularly valuable in scenarios where minimizing interference and maximizing signal clarity are essential. By offering a high front-to-back ratio, the antenna enhances the quality and reliability of communication links, making it a valuable asset in demanding operational environments.

DC Grounding of All Metal Parts

To ensure robust performance and safety, all metal parts of the Y1500-16 Yagi antenna are DC grounded. This feature mitigates the risk of electrical surges, static build-up, and interference, safeguarding the antenna and the connected communication equipment. By grounding all metal components, the antenna offers enhanced protection against electrical disturbances, contributing to the overall stability and longevity of the communication system.

N Female Connector

The Y1500-16 Yagi antenna is equipped with an N female connector, providing a reliable and secure interface for connecting to compatible communication devices and systems. The N-type connector is widely recognized for its durability, impedance-matching capabilities, and suitability for high-frequency applications. With the N-type female connector, the Y1500-16 Yagi antenna ensures a robust and efficient connection, facilitating seamless integration into communication networks.


The Y1500-16 Yagi antenna’s combination of high gain, weatherproof design, high front-to-back ratio, and DC grounding makes it well-suited for a range of applications, including:

  • Long-range point-to-point communication links
  • Wireless communication systems in challenging outdoor environments
  • Communication infrastructure deployments requiring reliable performance in varying weather conditions
  • Remote monitoring and control systems that demand consistent connectivity and signal integrity

In summary, the Y1500-16 Yagi antenna stands out as a durable, high-performance solution for establishing robust communication links in diverse settings. Its shrouded design, high front-to-back ratio, DC grounded metal parts, and N(f) connector collectively contribute to its reliability, making it a valuable asset for applications that demand dependable, weather-resistant communication capabilities.

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