FDC 2-Stack Dipole Array

2-Stack Array, Dipole, 5 dBd Nominal Gain

FDC 2-Stack Dipole Array

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The FDC 2-Stack Dipole Array uses center-fed broadband, half-wave antennas supplied with a mounting boom, and a clamp. Dipole antennas stacked vertically reduce the width of the vertical beam, but the horizontal beam stays the same. Stacking dipole antennas increases the overall gain at the price of narrowing the vertical beam.

The FDC antennas have the following specifications: an average gain of 3 dBd, a nominal gain of 5 dBd on a support pipe, a VSWR of < 1.5:1, rated power of 150 W, and a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm.

The FDC 2-Stack Dipole Array is vertically polarized. This means the electric field is vertical while the magnetic field is horizontal. The H-plane has a 3 dB beamwidth of 190 degrees, while the E-plane has a 3 dB beamwidth of 30 degrees. The termination is N-type male, and all metal parts are directly grounded to ensure surge protection.

The dipole array can withstand wind velocities up to 200 km/h. It can accommodate wind loads of 48.2 kg, 44.6 kg, 30 kg, 28.1 kg, 26.9 kg, and 21.5 kg for the FDC72/2S, FDC80/2S, FDC125/2S, FDC145/2S, FDC160/2S, FDC250/2S, respectively, at a velocity of 144 km/h. The dipole array is made of aluminium, and mounting is achieved with a cross-over plate assembly. The support pipe is optional.

A complete list of the specifications for each FDC antenna can be found below by clicking on the links FDC72/2S, FDC80/2S, FDC125/2S, FDC145/2S, FDC160/2S, and FDC250/2S.

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FDC72/2S, FDC80/2S, FDC125/2S, FDC145/2S, FDC160/2S, FDC250/2S

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