5/8 Wave Ground Plane Antennas 3 dB

Ground plane antenna

5/8 Wave Ground Plane Antennas 3 dB

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R4,335.50R5,175.00 incl VAT

The PDB…5/8 range of antennas are end-fed, 5/8 wavelength, ground plane base antennas.
Omnidirectional, vertically polarised, with low VSWR ensured by using a matching transformer, which also serves as a DC ground.

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5/8-Wave Ground Plane Antennas 3 dB

PDB 5/8

The PDB 5/8 antennas are a series of ground plane base antennas that operate on a 5/8 wavelength. These antennas are designed to be omnidirectional and vertically polarized, ensuring a wide coverage area. A matching transformer is incorporated to maintain a low VSWR (Voltage Standing Wave Ratio), which also acts as a DC ground. The termination point for these antennas is a UHF Female connector.

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