Alpha Multiband Mobile Antenna

Alpha, Multiband Antenna, Combination Antenna

Alpha Multiband Mobile Antenna

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ALPHA antennas are designed for use on multiple frequency bands.
Each frequency band boasts with it’s own unique colour-coded cable.
It can be used with or without a ground plane.
Roof mounting is recommended.
Alternative colour options are available.
Define your own unique frequency combination, termination and coax cable length when placing your order.

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The Alpha Multiband Mobile Antenna is designed for applications where multiple combinations of frequency bands are used. The antenna has a separate color-coded cable for each frequency band. It is recommended that rear roof mounting is used on a vehicle for the antenna. It can be used without a ground plane.

Your unique frequency combination, termination, and coaxial cable length are chosen when placing your order. Alternative color options are available. The height of the Alpha antenna is slightly larger compared to the Venus antenna.

The Alpha Multiband Mobile Antenna can work on the GSM, GPS, Iridium, and 3G bands. It has unity gain relative to a quarter wavelength resonator when used in the GSM, Iridium, and 3G bands and 26 dBi nominal gain when used in the GPS band.

The antenna has specifications such as a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm and a rated power of 10 W in the GSM, Iridium, and 3G bands. It can withstand wind velocities of up to 220 km/h. The amplifier for the GPS band needs to be powered by a 3 – 5 V DC power supply.

The antenna can be mounted on a vehicle using a 16 mm to 18 mm hole size. When the antenna is mounted on a vehicle, it is recommended to remove it before using equipment such as automatic car wash equipment to avoid damage to the antenna.

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