Aluminium Tubular Mast CHS38x3 – 5 m Al

Round Tube CHS

Aluminium Tubular Mast CHS38x3 – 5 m Al

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Pole 5 m long x 38 mm OD x 5 thick

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The Aluminium tubular mast pole is a circular hollow section with an outside diameter of 38mm and a wall thickness of 5mm. It is 5 meters in length and is made of Aluminium. The pole is commonly used in structural engineering solutions.

It is a five meters (5m) long round-hollow-shaped mast pole manufactured from Aluminium with a thirty-eight millimetre (38 mm) outside diameter (OD) and the wall thickness is five millimetres (5 mm). Structural engineers call it a circular hollow section (CHS 38 x 5 – 5000 mm).

A hollow circular pipe’s outer diameter (OD) measures the outside edges of the tube passing through its centre. The outer diameter of a pipe, together with its wall thickness, is essential to determine the inside diameter.

The outer diameter of a pipe should not be confused with the nominal diameter. The nominal diameter defines the inside size of the tube. In contrast, the corresponding outer diameter is wider since you must add double the thickness to compensate for the wall thickness on either side of the nominal dimension.

The nominal size of this pipe is 32 mm. Unlike the OD, the pipe’s inner diameter (ID) is not dependent on its thickness. The ID is used to determine what could fit inside the tube line.

The outside diameter (OD) is the outer or external diameter.
The nominal pipe size (NPS) is similar to the inside diameter (ID), the inner or internal diameter.

The OD is valuable for determining mounting dimensions onto other sections using U-shaped or V-shaped bolts. You may also need this dimension to define a bore diameter for the pipe. The bore diameter should be at least 5% more than the OD.

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