Band-Pass Cavity Filters CF500 Series

Cavity Filter

Band-Pass Cavity Filters CF500 Series

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CF500 Cavities Band-Pass options

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CF500 Band-Pass Cavity Filters are a series of quarter-wave resonator cavities designed to be used mainly on receivers where high selectivity is required.
These units can be used on transmitters to prevent intermodulation.

Bandpass cavities as receiving preselectors. The purpose is to pass a range of desired received frequencies and reject signals of no interest.

Bandpass cavities as transmitting filters. Transmitters can radiate wideband noise and spurious and harmonic energy.

Combining the cavities in series can improve CF500 Band-Pass Cavity Filters selectivity.

CF5001 – Cavities Bandpass 136 – 174 MHz specification sheet

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DJCF5001, DJCF5004, DJCF5001AV

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