Cable RG400 50 Ohm 5 mm

Coaxial Cable

Cable RG400 50 Ohm 5 mm

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RG-400 Coax-Cable, 25±0.5m Ring

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Performance Characteristics:
Insertion Loss (Attenuation): Insertion loss is the ratio of input power to output power; it is an expression of the total electrical losses in a cable run. These losses are mainly dependant on the cable diameter, the dielectric material, and the transmission frequency. Low loss cables set themselves apart by their relatively good (i.e. low) attenuation values.
Screen effectiveness: the screen effectiveness is an expression of how well a cable prevents electrical energy escaping from or entering into the transmission line. To improve the screen effectiveness of cables, double braid, foil and braid, and tinned braid screens can be used.
Temperature range: depending on the materials used in the manufacture of cables, they are suitable for operating in differing ambient temperatures. Cables with PE or PVC sheaths can be used up to approx +80° C. Cables with PTFE or FEP jackets upto approx. +200° C.
Impedance 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm: for video and broadcast transmissions, 75 Ohm technology applies. For almost all other systems, 50 Ohm technology is used.

Z: 50 Ω
Cable group; cable: G5
Cable Sheath Material: FEP
Type: RG-400, Ring
G5: RG-223/U, RG-400/U
Packing unit (m): 25
Cable Sheath Ø: 4,95
Attenuation db/100 m at 2 GHz: 82

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