DIN Rail 6Way Cat6A Shielded Distributor J02021A0036

DIN Rail 6Way Cat6A Shielded Distributor J02021A0036

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Mini Distributor MPD6-HS K Cat.6A(IEC), mini Distributor incl. Mounting Rail Adaptor TS 35

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Mini Distributor MPD6-HS K Cat.6A, mini distributor incl. Mounting rail adaptor TS 35
Performance Characteristics:
360 degrees shielding of MPD-HS can be connected directly on the PCB on a large contact spot using a screw clamp without need of twisting the braid, shielding cover made of stainless steel, cables are terminated via IDC (LSA Plus) terminals with colour coding acc. to EIA/TIA 568A and B, limit of 13 mm max. of untwisted length of wires can be easily achieved without restricting an easy installation, Cat.6A (ISO/IEC)- & Cat.6A types with overbending protection: suitable for 6- (RJ11/12) and 8-pin connectors (RJ45); can be used in the modular jack without additional installation kits., 19″ rack-mount design size 3 HU/7 PU with 6xRJ45 and 3 HU/10 PU with 12xRJ45 available, front plate anodized Aluminium, housing made of thermoplastic, halogene-free, with non-slip bumpers, enclosed cable ties for strain relief of the cables without need of screws and special tools, printed circuit board is mounted horizontally in the housing, shielded versions are provided inside with a metal shielding cover; in addition, a bonding cable can be connected to the PCB (with screw M4), Mini distributor MPD6, MPD8 MPD12 with 6, 8 or 12 RJ 45 jacks assembled on one common PCB, Mini distributors MPD8 AMJ/UMJ and MPD12 AMJ/UMJ for 8 resp. 12 AMJ-S/AMJ/UMJ modules or couplers, no special tooling required for mounting of cover (shielded type)

Remarks: Suitable for RJ45/11/12 plugs, mounting rail TH35
Type: 6-port mini distributor metal incl. two mounting rail adaptors
Short name: MPD6-HS K Cat.6A (ISO/IEC)

Training video: Assembly MPD6 Cat.6A , Mini Distributor with 6 Ports

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