GM430 Glass Mount Antenna

GM430 Glass Mount Antenna

GM430 Glass Mount Antenna

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GM430 5m RG58 Glass Mount Antenna

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GM430 Glass Mount Antenna

The GM430 Glass Mount Antenna, also known as a window mount antenna, is a half-wave end-fed antenna designed for mounting on a vehicle’s window or windshield. Users commonly use these antennas for car radios, CB radios, two-way radios, and other communication devices in vehicles.

Key features and considerations for GM430 Glass Mount Antenna:

  1. Installation: Glass mount antennas are relatively easy to install. They usually include an antenna element and a mounting base that attaches to the vehicle’s window with suction cups or adhesive. The installation is non-permanent and doesn’t require drilling holes in the vehicle.
  2. Placement:  Install the antenna inside the window to transmit and receive signals through the glass, avoiding the need to drill holes and preserving the car’s structural integrity.
  3. Compatibility: Glass mount antennas are available for various radio frequencies and communication devices. Make sure to choose an antenna that is compatible with the frequency range of your radio or communication equipment.
  4. Performance: Glass mount antennas can provide decent performance, but externally mounting antennas might outperform them, especially in situations where an obstruction hinders a clear line of sight. The vehicle’s glass can attenuate the signal to some extent.
  5. Ground Plane: Glass mount antennas often rely on the vehicle’s metal body to act as a ground plane, which helps improve the antenna’s performance. Install the antenna on a window with a metal frame or one otherwise connected to the vehicle’s metal structure.
  6. Tuning:  Tunable glass mount antennas enable adjusting length for optimized performance at specific frequencies.
  7. Removability:  Glass mount antennas have an advantage as users can easily remove and reinstall them, rendering them suitable for temporary use or for vehicles where a permanent antenna installation is not desired.

The Whip is easily adjustable to the vertical position and is removable.

This GM420 5m Glass Mount Antenna has a termination with a 5 m RG-58 coaxial cable.

Omit the Coax Connector and order it separately. Specify a coax connector when ordering.

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