Quadrant 902—928 MHz 6 dB

Quadrant 915

Quadrant 902—928 MHz 6 dB

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The unlicensed 915 MHz frequency band is utilised in numerous applications related to GSM 900.

  • Home weather stations.
  • For use in automated meter readings.
  • Industrial monitoring.
  • Home security.
  • RFID tag technology is used for monitoring and recording the movements of pharmaceutical products in the distribution chain.
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Quadrant 915 Antenna

Cellular GSM 902—928 MHz 6 dB

  • The unlicensed 915 MHz frequency band covers numerous applications related to GSM 900.
  • RFID tag technology to track and record the movements of pharmaceutical products throughout the distribution chain.
  • Use this antenna for home weather stations, automated meter readings, industrial monitoring, and home security.

The Cellular GSM 902—928 MHz band refers to a specific range of radio frequencies designated for the operation of Global System for Mobile Communications (GSM) networks. Here are some key points about this band:

Frequency Range: The Cellular GSM 915 band operates within the 902 to 928 megahertz (MHz) frequency range. This frequency range enables communication in both directions, from mobile to base station and vice versa.

GSM Standard: This frequency band is a part of the GSM standard, one of the most widely used digital cellular communication technologies. GSM networks allow mobile devices to make calls, send texts, and access data services.

Coverage and Range: This frequency band allows for the transmission of signals over relatively long distances and provides coverage in both urban and rural areas.

Regulatory Considerations: The allocation and use of the 902—928 MHz band for GSM networks are subject to regulatory measures and standards set by telecommunications authorities in various countries.

Interference and Compatibility: Due to the widespread use of wireless devices and technologies, managing interference and ensuring compatibility with other services operating in nearby frequency bands is essential for GSM networks in this band.

Overall, the Quadrant 902—928 MHz 6 dB (Q915) antenna plays a crucial role in providing mobile communication services to a wide range of users and is essential for the smooth operation of GSM networks.

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