RDS Model Tower

RDS Model Tower

RDS Model Tower

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Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) Model Tower

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The Rapid Deployment Solution (RDS) Model Tower is a versatile and efficient structure designed to meet various needs quickly and effectively. Below are some key features and details that showcase its functionality and adaptability:


Security fence

Firstly, regarding security measures, palisade or mesh security fences are available on request. These fence options provide flexibility based on specific security requirements, ensuring a tailored solution to meet different needs.


Equipment mounts

Secondly, for equipment integration, mounts are readily available upon request. They can be seamlessly incorporated into the substructure, offering a sturdy base for additional components as needed. This add-on could significantly enhance your tower’s capabilities.


Feeder/waveguide support brackets for feeder mounting

In addition, the structure thoughtfully includes feeder/waveguide support brackets for efficient feeder mounting at 900 mm centres, optimising performance and functionality.


Internal work platforms

Moreover, internal work platforms come standard with models ranging from 18m to 36m. The diversity in heights enhances accessibility and safety for maintenance and operational tasks, indicating the design’s thoughtfulness towards user experience.



Regarding the variety of options available, the RDS Model Tower offers models in 3m increments, including the option to purchase the 15m model in height increments from 3m to 15m, providing scalability and customisation to suit specific project requirements.


Base platform

As for the foundation, the maximum base platform size of 6m x 6m provides a stable foundation for the tower. Simultaneously, the compact footprint of up to 36 sqm ensures the efficient use of space during deployment.


Soil-bearing capacity

When considering the environmental adaptability, with a soil-bearing capacity of at least 50kPA, the RDS Model Tower is designed to withstand varying soil conditions, ensuring stability and reliability in diverse environments.


Installation time

Regarding assembly, the installation of a model tower is quick and efficient, with most models requiring only 3-4 days for complete setup. Specifically, the 15m model has demonstrated rapid assembly, fully erected in less than 5 hours, showcasing its ease of deployment.


Concrete not required

Interestingly, concrete is not necessary for installation. Innovative stabilisation methods, such as small concrete blocks for the 15m model and sand/regular soil for the 18m to 36m models, are utilised. This approach streamlines the setup process while maintaining structural integrity.


Internal ladders

Lastly, each 18m to 36m RDS Model Tower unit features an internal climbing ladder. These internal ladders provide essential access for maintenance and inspection tasks at various heights, ensuring operational efficiency and safety.