Splice Protector Crimp metal

Splice protector crimp metal

Splice Protector Crimp metal

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Crimp Splice Protector

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Splice Protector

A splice protector protects and reinforces the connection point between two optical fibres. Typically, these protectors consist of sleeves made of durable materials such as heat-shrinkable plastic or stainless steel. They provide mechanical strength and protect the fibres from environmental factors such as dust and moisture. Typically constructed of metal and designed for crimping around the splice point to provide mechanical strength and durability, it prevents the wires from pulling apart or sustaining damage, ensuring a reliable and secure connection. People commonly use these in fibre optics, Ethernet cables, and electrical wiring installations.

The primary function of splice protectors is to provide mechanical and environmental protection to fusion splices. They help prevent damage caused by bending, pulling, moisture, and other external factors that could compromise the integrity of the optical connection.

This splice point is vulnerable to mechanical stress, bending, and environmental factors that can damage the fibres and degrade signal quality. In addition to mechanical protection, splice protectors may offer some strain relief and insulation. Its design accommodates smaller areas for splice storage, including the Mini and Micro Protector Sleeves. This splice protector prioritises durability and performance, featuring a robust, high-quality steel construction that resists damage. These splice protectors comprise a heat-shrinkable outer tube and a hot-melt adhesive-lined inner tube with a stainless steel strength rod.

Our Splice Protectors are essential components in fibre optic systems, providing mechanical and environmental protection to fusion splices. They contribute to optical connections’ overall reliability and performance in various applications.

They are 2.4mm in diameter and 45mm and 60mm in length.



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