Telegärtner STX V1 Bulkhead Cap

STX V1 Bulkhead Cap

Telegärtner STX V1 Bulkhead Cap

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STX V1 Bulkhead Protection cap

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Performance Characteristics:
storage of cables with diameter 5…10 mm, simple mounting of bulkheads through a central screwed gland or four screws, bulkhead protective cap for bulkhead complying with IEC 61076-3-106 Variant 1, twist-off grip facility, with bend protection to prevent cables from being excessively bent, protection class IP67 in combination with bulkhead, protection class IP67, Variant 1 acc. to IEC 61076-3-106, pre-assembled plugs and set products for simple assembly, available with RJ45 Cat.6A (ISO/IEC), Cat.6 Class EA (ISO/IEC), USB or FO insert

Remarks: plastic
Description: STX V1 bulkhead protection cap