Telegärtner STX V6 Surface Mounting Outlet

Telegärtner STX V6 Surface Mounting Outlet

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STX V6 Surface Mounting Outlet Cat.6A(IEC)

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Performance Characteristics:
Variant 6 acc. to IEC 61076-3-106, connector for Automation Island acc. to IEC 61918, 8-way contact for 10 Gigabit-Ethernet, large surface 360° screen connection, non-detachable cover ensures protection class IP67 seal (unmated), easily opened, re-usable modules, Fire rating UL94 V0, mating face mountable in two directions set at 90° to each other, connection of commercially available RJ45 plugs is possible (IP20 protection)

Remarks: Fire rating UL94 V0
Short name: STX V6 surface mounting outlet Cat.6A (ISO/IEC)