FDC VHF Folded Dipoles

Folded Dipole, VHF Half-Wave Antenna, FDC

FDC VHF Folded Dipoles

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The FDC VHF Folded Dipoles are a range of center-fed, broadband, and half-wave dipole antennas supplied with a mounting boom and clamp. These antennas can be stacked and fed with a matching phasing harness for increased gain. All the metal parts are DC grounded to ensure surge protection.

The FDC antennas have the following specifications: they operate over a frequency of 66 MHz to 87.5 MH and 118 MHz to 268 MHz. They have a nominal gain of 2 dBd, a VSWR < 1.5:1, and a nominal gain of 2 dBd. The FDC VHF Folded Dipoles are vertically polarized. This means the electric field is vertical, and the magnetic field is horizontal. The H-plane and E-plane have a 3 dB beamwidth of 210 degrees and 70 degrees for the FDC72 and FDC80. The H- and E-plane have a 3 dB beamwidth of 190 degrees and 70 degrees for all the other FDC versions. The termination is N-type male, the characteristic impedance 50 Ohm, and the rated power 150 W.

The FDC folded dipole antennas can withstand wind velocities up to 200 km/h. It can accommodate wind loads between 9.0 kg and 19.8 kg for the FDC versions in descending order at a speed of 144 km/h. The dipole array is made of aluminium, and mounting is achieved with a cross-over plate assembly.

The length of the FDC antennas is 1.9 m, 1.7 m, 1.1 m, 0.9 m, 0.8 m, and 0.6 m for the FDC versions 72, 80, 125, 145, 160, and 250, respectively.

Spec sheets

A complete list of the specifications for each FDC antenna can be found below by clicking on the buttons below links FDC72/FDC80, FDC125/FDC250, and FDC145/FDC150/FDC150HD/FDC160.

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FDC72, FDC80, FDC125, FDC145, FDC150, FDC150HD, FDC160, FDC250

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