ZARA®W6Z130 Whip + Adaptor ZARA®130 Tuneable

ZARA®W6Z130 Whip + Adaptor ZARA®130 Tuneable

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R437.00 incl VAT

Whip + Adaptor ZARA 130

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The Swivel Base’s W6Z130 ZARA® Whip and Adaptor Assembly is a replacement part for the ZARA® 130 Mobile Antenna.
This Whip Assembly has an Open Loading Spring and can be tuned to any frequency from 138 MHz up to 174 MHz by cutting it to a specific length according to the Cutting Chart in the Installation Instructions.
It comprises the following components:
1 x Open Loading Spring
1 x Whip Adaptor
2 x Spring Plugs
1 x M4x4 Stainless Steel Grub Screw
1 x Stainless Steel Whip, 1372 mm (54″) long

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