ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna

ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna

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R1,207.50 incl VAT

The ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna is designed for mounting outside vehicles, with a frequency range of 406—420 MHz, and no tuning is necessary.

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The ZARA®400/4B Moulded Coil Slimline gain antenna is a cutting-edge external antenna designed exclusively for vehicle bodies. Its unique feature lies in the whip, equipped with a moulded coil, allowing it to be mounted upright, regardless of the angle at which the base is installed. This innovative design ensures optimal signal reception and transmission, no matter the vehicle’s orientation.

To simplify the installation process further, the ZARA®400/4B antenna comes with a 6 m RG-58 coaxial cable. This high-quality cable ensures seamless connectivity and easy integration with your vehicle’s existing systems. With this antenna, you can enjoy enhanced signal strength and reliable communication on the go. Upgrade your vehicle’s antenna with the ZARA®400/4B Moulded Coil Slimline gain antenna and experience superior performance like never before.


  • The ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna is specifically designed to be mounted externally on vehicles, ensuring optimal performance. It offers a frequency range of 406 MHz to 420 MHz, allowing for versatile usage. Regardless of the mounting angle of the base, the whips are always positioned upright, ensuring consistent signal reception.
  • When you purchase the ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna, it comes with a 6 m RG-58 coaxial cable as a default accessory. However, please note that you must order a coax connector separately, as it is not included with the antenna.
  • Let’s talk about the impressive specifications of the ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna. It boasts a VSWR of less than 1.5:1 across a bandwidth of 10 MHz, ensuring excellent signal quality. With a nominal gain of 4 dBq (relative to a quarter wavelength radiator) and a rated power of 100 W, this antenna delivers reliable performance.
  • Worried about extreme weather conditions? Don’t be! The ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna can withstand wind velocities of up to 220 km/h thanks to its sturdy construction. The flexible whip is designed to withstand tough conditions without breaking easily, making it suitable for both vehicles and structures.
  • Crafted from stainless steel, the whip of the antenna offers durability and longevity. It features a mounting hole size of 19 mm, ensuring easy installation. The antenna radiates power equally in all directions perpendicular to its axis, providing consistent coverage. Please note that the antenna is only available in black colour.
  • The ZARA® 400/4B Mobile Antenna has a vertical electric and horizontal magnetic field, ensuring efficient signal transmission. If you ever need replacement parts such as bases or whips, they are available upon request.
  • If you plan to mount the antenna on a vehicle, removing automatic car wash equipment is recommended. This precaution is a recommended measure that will help prevent any potential damage to the antenna.

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