ZARA® 450-MC Mobile Antenna

ZARA450-MC: UHF Band 440 - 470 MHz with a moulded-coil whip.

ZARA® 450-MC Mobile Antenna

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R1,541.00 incl VAT

ZARA®450 Moulded Coil (MC) Mobile Antenna
Frequency Range: 440 — 470 MHz
Nominal Gain: 4 dBq (rel. λ/4-wave)

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The ZARA® 450-MC Mobile Antenna is designed for mounting from outside the vehicle body. It can be tuned to a frequency of between 440 MHz to 470 MHz. Whips are mounted in an upright position regardless of the mounting angle of the base.

The antenna is supplied with a 4 m RG-58 coaxial cable by default. Other sizes are available on request.
NB: order a coax connector separately since it is not supplied with the antenna.

The ZARA® 450-MC Mobile Antenna has the following specifications: VSWR of < 1.5:1 across a bandwidth of 10 MHz with a nominal gain of 4 dBq (relative to a quarter wavelength radiator) and a rated power of 50 W.

The antenna can withstand wind velocities with a maximum of 220 km/h.  The whip is designed to be flexible and does not break easily. It can be mounted on vehicles and structures.

The whip is made of stainless steel and has a mounting hole size of 19 mm. The antenna can radiate all its power in equal directions perpendicular to its axis.

The antenna’s electric field is vertical, while the magnetic field is horizontal. Replacement parts such as springs, bases, and whips are available upon request. When the antenna is mounted on a vehicle, it is recommended to remove it before using equipment such as automatic car wash equipment to avoid damage to the antenna.

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