Cellular Bands (Cell)

Cellular bands have become highly complex in their makeup, and the latest technology trends have blurred the lines between frequency bands. It is not as clear cut as the old UHF or VHF bands.


Global System for Mobile (GSM) Communication is separated by Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA).

There are two popular categories under this band:

  1. GSM 900 from 870 MHz to 960 MHz
  2. GSM 1800 from 1,710 MHz to 1,880 MHz

Normally GSM cables are terminated with a Yellow heat shrink.

The Evolution of Cellular Generations

  • 2,100 MHz
  • Third Generation (3G)
  • Fourth Generation (4G)
  • Long Term Evolution (LTE)

Fifth Generation (5G) ≤ 60,000 MHz

  • Fifth Generation Frequency Range Number One (5G FR1) ranges between 600MHz and 6,000MHz.
  • Fifth Generation Frequency Range Number Two (5G FR2) could cover any frequency from 24,000MHz (24GHz) up to 53,000MHz (53GHz).