N Surge Suppressor F-F with Gas Discharge Arrester

Super Deal Special! The N Surge Suppressor F-F with Gas Discharge Arrester for your RF equipment.

Introducing the N Surge Suppressor F-F with Gas Discharge Arrester for your RF equipment, the ultimate safeguard against electrical surges. This precision-engineered product provides unparalleled protection, ensuring your valuable equipment...

WEBB Spec Sheets

WEBB Spec Sheets

WEBB Catalogue

Discover WEBB Spec Sheets and other files rapidly and effortlessly by utilising the subsequent compilation of hyperlinks to Google Drive. WEBB Catalogue Links The WEBB Catalogue Links directory comprises...

5G IoT (Internet of Things)

5G Technology

As we have entered the 5G IoT (Internet of Things) era, the world has witnessed a revolution in how we communicate, connect, and collaborate. 5G's faster speeds, lower latency, and...

ZARA Antennas

WEBB’s ZARA® Range of Mobile Antennas for PAMR, PMR, and LMR industries

Webb's ZARA® Range of Mobile Antennas For PAMR, PMR, and LMR industries: An Overview



  Mobile antennas are essential components of communication systems that require mobility. Mobile antennas are vital for communications on the...

Telegärtner, Cat. 8.1 components
Telegärtner, Cat. 8.1 components

Telegärtner premieres Cat. 8.1

Telegärtner premieres Cat. 8.1

Telegärtner unveiled their Cat. 8.1 products at Light + Building in Steinenbronn during February 2018. They introduced a new RJ45 keystone jack and an RJ45 field-assembly cable plug....

Corning Road to 800G

The Road to 800G

Corning The Road to 800G for data centres

  Corning The Road to 800G (or "800 Gigabit") standard refers to the next generation of data centre networking technology capable of transmitting data...

ZARA Antennas

ZARA® Mobile Antennas

ZARA® Mobile Antennas, a Webb Industries brand.

'What is a mobile antenna?' Generally, ZARA® Mobile Antennas facilitate communication between radio users. With this purpose in mind, ZARA® Mobile Antennas were designed to...

CUMFY® Bundle Solution

CUMFY® Bundle Solution Webb has consistently, over the years, been at the forefront of innovations in our market niche and often released solutions that addressed specific challenges. Recent...


Keeping Telecommunications Online With Surge Protection

Lightning and surge protection is indispensable for protecting human lives, preventing fires, and avoiding costly outages of networked systems. Dehn had been Webb's partner of choice for the last five...

New Webb Logo on Kyalami CC Greens
Getting ready to tee off

Webb Golf Day 2021

Friday, 29 October 2021 Webb Industries resumed our tradition of hosting an annual golf day this year, after having had 31 consecutive annual golf days. The only exception was 2020 when...