Base Station Antennas

Webb offers range of base station antennas used in radio communication networks.

Dipole antennas

Dipole antennas, also known as outdoor antennas, are designed to transmit and receive signals in all directions. There are three main types of dipole antennas: high frequency (HF) broadband travelling wave antennas (FSTs), folded dipole antennas (FDCs), and heavy-duty dipole antennas (HDs/CSD).

The FDCs, HDs, and CSD dipole antennas are capable of covering a wide range of frequencies in the VHF and UHF spectrum, starting from 66 MHz and going all the way up to 860 MHz. These antennas can also be stacked together to increase their gain. By using either two-stack or 4-stack harnesses (MT2s or MT4s) and depending on the terrain, users can achieve even better signal reception and transmission.