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WEBB has over forty years of experience in cable assembly practices and supplies low intermodulation cable and connector assemblies to meet high operating specifications required in demanding communications applications.

BNC (Bayonet Neill-Concelman) connectors are widely used in electronics, especially in audio, known as RF (Radio Frequency), and video signal transmission. These connectors serve several purposes:

  • Secure Connection: BNC connectors have a bayonet-style coupling mechanism that provides a safe and quick way to connect or disconnect cables.
  • RF Transmission: BNC connectors are commonly used in RF applications because they maintain consistent impedance (usually 50 ohms) across connections, which is crucial for minimizing signal loss and reflections in high-frequency transmissions.
  • Video Signals: BNC connectors, such as those used in CCTV cameras and monitors, are often used in video equipment to transmit analogue and digital video signals due to their reliable connection and good signal integrity.
  • Test Equipment: BNC connectors are frequently found on oscilloscopes, signal generators, and other test equipment, allowing for easy connection and measurement of electronic signals.
  • Audio Applications: In some audio equipment, BNC connectors are used for digital audio connections, especially in professional audio setups where a secure connections and good signal quality are essential.

In summary, BNC connectors are versatile connectors commonly used in RF, video, test equipment, and audio applications due to their secure connection, impedance-matching capabilities, and reliability in signal transmission.