Coax Cable TFlex®-405 / UT85 50 Ohm

Flexible Low Loss Cable

Coax Cable TFlex®-405 / UT85 50 Ohm

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R1,150.00 incl VAT

Coax Cable Tflex 405 / UT85 50 Ohm
(per metre)

Meets all MIL-DTL-17 requirements
• Excellent shielding effectiveness
• Low passive intermod (PIM)
• Uses standard solder-on connectors
• Microwave interconnects
• Flexible alternative to semi-rigid cables

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Flexible low-loss coaxial cable TFlex®-405 / UT85 spiral strip shield microwave cable 50 Ohm 3 mm

Performance Characteristics:

Impedance: 50 Ω
Cable group: G11
Cable sheath material: FEP
Type: TFlex®-405 / UT85
G11: RG-405SS, SS405, Tflex-405, Multiflex 86, Multibend 405, UT-85, Semi Flex .85, 1671A, EZ 86, Flexiform 405 NM, RG-405/U, SUCOFORM 86
Packing unit (m) : TBA
Cable jacket Ø (mm): 2,64
Attenuation dB/100 m at 2 GHz: 31


Adopt TFlex®-405 for both military and commercial communication systems. Its FEP jacket provides excellent protection in corrosive environments and its flexible nature eliminates the need for hand or precision machine bending.

Times Microwave Systems Tflex-405 is a spiral strip shield microwave coaxial cable used in 18GHz applications. It is a phase-stable PTFE microwave coaxial cable covering 18.0 GHz up to 20 GHz (maximum)

It is a flexible alternative to semi-rigid coaxial cable and offers a unique shielding configuration and low attenuation. Silver-plated spiral strips and silver-plated copper-round wire braid composite shields result in low transfer impedance levels.

Tflex-405 Cable has VSWR characteristics that meet or exceed similar size flexible constructions. It has been designed with diameters over the outer braids to use standard SMA connectors.

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