4-Stack VHF Phasing Harnesses

4-Stack VHF Phasing Harnesses

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R622.84R6,394.00 incl VAT

These Harnesses couple four Antennas together to feed in-phase, keep a low SWR and minimum insertion loss.
Achieve higher Gain or special-shaped Radiation Pattern.
Increase Gain by six decibels (6 dB) by quadrupling the number of antennas.
The branches of the Harness are Impedance transforming sections and must not be shortened.
Extra jumper cable sections may be necessary to reach each Antenna. These sections must be exactly equal in length so that the Antennas are fed in phase.
The Branches are terminated with N Female Connectors and the Feeder End with an N Male Connector. N(m-4.f)
The Harnesses are fully waterproof.

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