Train Antennas

Introduction to WEBB's TRD Antennas used in the transport industry

November 2017


Webb Industries’ TRD Antennas

Webb Industries’ range of low profile, rugged TRD Antennas are designed for use on locomotives, buses or trucks.

The range demonstrates Webb’s unique success in housing VHF (or UHF), WiFi, GSM and GPS in one antenna.  The TRD antennas can maintain the shape and footprint of older antennas (especially on locomotives) to obviate fitment problems. The high impact cover makes them ideal for harsh environments.


The range includes:

  • TRD 1000 – GSM cellular/WiFi/GPS;
  • TRD 150G – VHF/GSM cellular/WiFi/GPS;
  • TRD GPS – GPS;
  • TRD 2400 – WiFi 2,4 GHz/GPS;
  • TRD IR – Iridium with one connector;
  • TRD 4067 – UHF/GSM cellular/WiFi/GPS.

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