FST HF Broadband Antennas

FST HF Antenna

FST HF Broadband Antennas

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The FST HF Broadband Antenna comprises a balun and an HF wiring kit.

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HF Broadband Antennas

FSTs 1.5—30, 2.530 and 430 MHz

We’re excited to introduce our FST Travelling Wave HF Broadband Antennas! These antennas offer exceptional performance as dipole antennas, using the travelling wave principle. Not only are they practical and versatile, but they’re also engineered to be lightweight and easy to install in the inverted-V configuration. Trust us, these antennas are game-changers for avid travellers or communication enthusiasts.

  • The HF Broadband Antennas efficiently transmit and receive electromagnetic signals within the high-frequency range of the radio spectrum.
  • The HF Broadband Antennas consist of the FST range of antennas and forms part of the base station antennas. They are efficient, travelling wave dipole antennas that are lightweight and easy to install in the inverted-V configuration.
  • The high-frequency range typically covers frequencies between 3 to 30 megahertz (MHz). HF antennas are crucial components in various communication systems, including amateur radio, military, maritime, and long-range communication applications.
  • The FST antennas have the following specifications. Firstly, a frequency range of 2.5 MHz to 30 MHz for the FST2530. And secondly, 4 MHz to 30 MHz for the FST4030. Both FST antennas have a peak envelope power of 400 W, a VSWR of < 2.5:1, a nominal gain of 0 dBd, and a characteristic impedance of 50 Ohm. The UHF female connectors terminate the horizontally polarised antennas, with all metal parts being directly grounded to ensure surge protection.
  • The HF Broadband Antennas can withstand wind velocities up to 200 km/h. The material for the antennas consists of a rugged aluminium balun box and stainless steel wire rope. The antennas have an installed length of 35 m for the FST2530 and 31 m for the FST4030.
  • Consistent performance across multiple frequencies without the need for constant adjustments or tuning is the design goal of the HF Broadband Antenna.
  • The HF antennas require an FST balun that is not supplied; therefore, it must be bought separately to complete the antenna.
  • HF Broadband Antennas are versatile and capable radio frequency antennas designed to operate efficiently across a wide range of frequencies within the high-frequency spectrum. Their consistent performance without frequent tuning makes them a valuable tool for various communication applications, contributing to effective long-range communication and connectivity.

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FST2.5-30, FST4-30

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